Common Questions

Read below for answers to our most asked questions.

1. Does my child need any swimming experience?
No. Everyone has to start sometime! The teacher will evaluate your child’s skills during the first lesson and customize the curriculum to match their individual needs.

2. How old does my child have to be to participate?
The minimum age for this program is 2 and half years old and the child must be completely potty trained. We offer lessons for children up to 12 years of age, but do not provide lessons for infants or adults at this time.

3. Do I have to live in the neighborhood where I would like to take lessons?
Neighborhood pool rules vary. Anyone participating in lessons must be able to access the pool according to the guidelines established by the governing association. Lifeguards will be on duty to monitor access and enforce the rules of the facility.

4. What should my child bring to lessons?
A swimsuit, towel and a great attitude are required. Goggles are highly recommended as well as a swim cap for children with long or thick hair.

5. What if there is rain in the forecast on the day of my lesson?
Lessons can take place rain or shine. In the event of lightning in the area, the instructor will send out notifications via email or phone call if a lesson needs to be cancelled.

6. What if we are late or miss a lesson?
Due to the tight schedule, make-ups are not available. However, we do try to take care of our customers and will work with you should extraordinary circumstances arise.

7. How are the lessons scheduled at my pool?
The summer is divided into five 2-week long sessions. They are labeled Session A,B,C,D and E. Session A begins on June 4th and the last session starts on July 30th. Each session includes 7 lessons with the 8th day reserved for any makeups needed due to an earlier cancellation by the instructor usually due to inclement weather.

8. What are the session dates?
Session A – June 4th through June 15th
Session B – June 18th through June 29th
Session C – July 2nd through July 13th (No Lessons on July 4th)
Session D – July 16th through July 27th
Session E – July 30th through August 10th

9. Do you offer a sibling discount?
Yes. Every swimmer in a family after the first swimmer receives a $20.00 discount on the cost of each session they enroll in.

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